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For The    2022-23 Soccer Year
*We offer player evaluations all year long if we have an extra spot on the roster. Evaluations take place at our in-season (spring/fall) or off-season (winter/summer) training sessions. Contact us for more details!

PLAYERS BORN: 2010  &  2011

Tuesday, May 24 (2022)

PLAYERS BORN: 2013 &    2014

Wednesday, May 25 (2022)

PLAYERS BORN: 2015 & 2016

Thursday, May 26 (2022)


Arrive 5:50pm @ Jessup Park

1834 Montevideo Road Hanover, MD 21076

SDFC Boys Club Teams:
SDFC 2015 United – AAYSA

SDFC 2013 United – AAYSA
SDFC 2010 Elite – EDP


Contact Us (english)

Grayson Schmelzer
(410) 707-5817 (text or call)

Contact Us (spanish)
CJ Everett
(443) 540-7919 (text or call)

Information Required:

Text, call or email the following information to REGISTER your child today and continue receiving updates. There is NO FEE for the try-out evaluation.

1. Name of parent/guardian

2. Email & cell phone number 

3. What city do you travel from? 

4. Player Name

5. Player DOB
6. Player Experience 

How many seasons of playing experience? 

SDFC 2008s
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SDFC Youth Winter Leagues
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SDFC 2010s
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SDFC 2013s
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SDFC 2010 Premier
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Soccerdome FC
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SDFC 2008/09
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Soccerdome FC
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SDFC 2008
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