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6v6 (5+Keeper a-side)
9 Games Included

(no other fees/taxes)

Winter: Nov-Mar
$840 per team

Non-Winter: Apr-Oct
$740 per team


Decide what league(s) you're interested in,
then register online to be placed onto the waitlist. 
*leagues do not change days, they are offered that same day all year round.

Once your team is registered/wait-listed, send an email to or to
check on the status of your team.

When you register, click the pay later option.
Be prepared to submit $200 deposit if your team is accepted into the league.


- After completing the first 7 games (regular season),
the top four teams advanced to semi-finals.
Remaining teams play consolation games.

-Every team plays a total of nine games per session.

*The 8th game is added to the online schedule once the 7th game is complete;
The final 9th game is added to the online schedule once the 8th game is complete.


- Teams already participating in a league 
have the option to continue playing for the following session.
Returning teams are confirmed during the 8th ga
me of the session.
That is when we accept new teams off the waitlist.


MENS 18+ Leagues:

MENS 35+ Leagues:

CO-ED 18+ Leagues:

Tuesday WOMENS League/
Friday MOMS Leagues:

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