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POLICIES & Procedures



  • By participating in Soccer Dome leagues, players, Coaches and Parents are accepting that they may experience human error.


  • It is the responsibility of each player and/or coach to be aware of the total status of infractions. Awareness of rules & policies will empower a team to play the game to the maximum level.



  • Soccer Dome management reserves the right to terminate an individual's participation at the facility for violation of any policy. Participation maybe terminated during a game, at which time the player will be ejected. A red card does not have to be issued for Soccerdome to issue a suspension or ban for players and/or spectators. 



  • Referees have complete authority and discretion to make calls on points of fact connected with the game; these calls are final, however, if you have a different opinion please wait until the end of the half or the end of the game and calmly bring your concern to the ref and/or desk staff.



  • Protests regarding the incorrect application of the laws of the game must be submitted via email to



  • A game shall be abandoned if members of one or both teams leave the bench to engage in misconduct.



  • Desk staff, referees and management reserve the right to make necessary changes within league divisions to ensure a fair level of ability and competition. Teams are typically judged by their strongest listed lineup. 



ROUND-ROBIN LEAGUESIf 2 teams are tied in points at the end of the round-robin league/tournament, tiebreaker goes to (1) goal-differential (2) goals for


TIE-BREAKERS: If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation, a 5-minute overtime period will be added; if still tied after 5-min overtime period, penalty kicks will follow. During penalties, choose 3 players to take kicks (for CO-ED leagues - 2 males and 1 female).



LEAGUE REGISTRATION: Teams are registered on a first-come, first-serve basis for ALL leagues. For ADULT LEAGUES, current teams have priority first. For YOUTH LEAGUES teams in winter I must register for winter II (you will NOT be rolled over.)

DEPOSITS: Every league requires a deposit towards the league fee – this fee will be communicated to you upon registration.  Soccerdome attempts to be as flexible as possible but if you wait last minute to drop out, your deposit may not be refunded. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the time frames of games, practices etc. If you present us with a conflict last minute, your team must assume responsibility. Your deposit will be refunded if you do not receive a spot in our league.


FEES: There are no ref fees or taxes applied to our fees. What you see is what you pay. Soccer Dome attempts to be as flexible as possible but we expect proper communication from teams.

LEAGUE FEE: For ADULT LEAGUES the balance of the team is due by the third game. For YOUTH LEAGUES the balance of the team is due before your first game. NO EXCEPTIONS


CREDITS: No teams will receive credit for a forfeited game. If a team experiences more than 1 forfeit in a single session, it is the discretion of the staff to determine if the team will receive a $70 credit (adult leagues only). 


ADULT League Schedules: Once the first (7) games are completed, the top (4) teams will play semi-finals. The remaining teams in the group will begin consolation games. 8th game is added once the 7th game is completed; final game is added once the 8th game is complete. Teams must make note of any schedule requests on the online registration form.

RESCHEDULING GAMES: Schedule requests must be made upon registration on the online registration form.

 General Snow/Inclement Weather Policy:

 Soccer Dome will attempt to stay open and plowed so that teams who choose to play, are able to. FOLLOW the FACILITY STATUS on  the front homepage of the website. Should Soccer Dome facilities CLOSE, a message will be posted on the front homepage. If you  choose not to play your game, please notify us so we can quickly let the opposing team know. An attempt will be made to reschedule  postponed games due to inclement weather, however, a make-up is not guaranteed. If the facility closes before the leagues start then  all games will be pushed back one week. 

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