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SDFC Youth Club Teams

THE  Complete   Program:

Designed as a year-round experience, blending innovative training with competitive games, both indoor and outdoor. A variety of programs are offered throughout each season of the year. SDFC carefully selects participation for each team/player in appropriate internal and external programs, leagues and tournaments. 

SDFC Clinics: (Ages 3-12) 
Your ideal beginner or intermediate program as the service requires less commitment then being on a team. For beginners, instructional sessions ensure that players are using correct technique before obtaining bad habits or improper techniques. Intermediate players continue getting touches during the season or off-season.
*Clinics are year-round with the exception of a small 3-4 week break in August. A new clinic session starts every 8 weeks.
Commitment: 1 day per week
Soccer Dome I (Jessup)
: Sundays or Mondays (visit "clinics/camps" page for specifics)

SDFC Camps: (Ages 4-13) SDFC offers an established 10-week program during the summer break, as well as camps on the winter break, spring break, holidays, and no school days coinciding with HCPSS. Sign up is typically for an entire week unless it is a single day camp like a no-school day camp. Visit "clinics/camps" page for specifics. 

SDFC REC Program: (Ages 5-7) Players train twice weekly (@Soccer Dome) and have an outdoor game on Saturdays between 9:00am-12:30pm (@Arundel middle school).
Commitment: 3 days/week  
Duration: Once players have gained 1 season of experience on the large field (7v7 rec) they will move along to pre-travel or travel. Player eligibility for pre-travel/travel starts at age 6. 

SDFC Pre-Travel Program: (Ages 6-8) Players train twice weekly (@Soccer Dome) and have an outdoor game on either Sat/Sun between 11:00am-5:00pm (@Jessup Provinces Park or away field in AA county).
Commitment: 3 days/week  
Duration: will typically compete 1-2 season(s) in the pre-travel program (AAYSA league) before moving along to the travel program. SDFC home grass field is at "Jessup Provinces Park." 

SDFC Travel Program: (Currently offered to ages 6-10) Players train 2-3 times weekly (@Soccer Dome) and have an outdoor game on Saturdays between 11:00am-5:00pm (away @ turf fields in Howard, AA, and Baltimore county). Travel leagues in the area we participate in currently include CMSSL. 
Commitment: 3-4 days/week  

Please CONTACT OMAR Abukar & CJ Everett with any questions:


1. PHONE - 443.755.0014 (M-F 10am-6pm)


2. EMAIL - / 


Contact to inquire about our next try-out or schedule an evaluation to be appropriately placed in the program.

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