We have been needing to clarify with each new change. While county/public facilities & leagues are cancelled, private facilities & leagues (Soccerdome) are not impacted by the new restrictions. SoccerDome is continuing to operate at 25% capacity and we believe we have a good plan in place to safely host leagues, rentals, etc., and address any concerns.      


  • “Social gatherings” include, but are not limited to, parties, cookouts, concerts or performances, parades, festivals, conventions, fundraisers, and other gatherings that are not associated with operating or patronizing a business.

  • “Social gatherings” do not include gatherings at retail stores, offices, restaurants, fraternal social clubs, youth sports, or casinos, or gatherings for religious or spiritual purposes on the premises of a religious or spiritual facility. 

  • “And unlike businesses where we have somebody in charge who can implement best practices and enforce them. We don’t have that in social gatherings.” 



    • ​ADULT PROGRAMS: required at all times unless you're on the field. 

    • YOUTH PROGRAMS: required at all times unless you are an active player on the field. Coaches, staff & non-active players must wear face-coverings while on the sidelines. 


  • All must maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE, 6ft.

    • ​ADULT PROGRAMS: players only, no spectators. 

    • YOUTH PROGRAMS: only one parent/guardian may enter the building to watch over the youth player.  Dropping off and waiting outside is highly encouraged.


  • Maximum # of players for small field RENTALS: 15 players

  • Maximum # of players for large field RENTALS: 21 players

  • Arrive on time (not too early) and depart on time. Please depart within 10 minutes of ending your game/rental/clinic etc.

  • Avoid physical contact with others. No high fives, huddles, or other close contact.

  • Label your water bottles and equipment and keep them in a designated area that you can return to. Double check that you have all of your belongings with you before leaving; we’ve been advised not to store a lost and found.

HEALTH CHECK: Coaches, players, parents must do a self-symptom check before coming to the facility. If you have any symptoms of illness, you cannot enter the facility.

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