Updated 12/29/20

We are operating at 25% capacity.


FACE COVERINGS:​ Required at all times​​


  • All must maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE, 6ft.

    • ​ADULT PROGRAMS: players only, no spectators. 

    • YOUTH PROGRAMS: only one parent/guardian may enter the building to watch over the youth player.  Dropping off and waiting outside is highly encouraged.  Consider having your coaching staff supervise the players as if it were a field trip.


  • Arrive on time (not too early) and depart on time. Please depart within 5 minutes of ending your game/rental/clinic etc.

  • Avoid physical contact with others. No high fives, huddles, or other close contact.

  • Label your water bottles and equipment and keep them in a designated area that you can return to. Double check that you have all of your belongings with you before leaving.

  • Maximum # of players for small field RENTALS: 16 players

  • Maximum # of players for large field RENTALS: 21 players

HEALTH CHECK: Coaches, players, and parents must do a self-symptom check before coming to the facility. If you have any symptoms of illness, do not enter the facility.

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