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Checking Availability:


Check Availability one of (3) ways:


(1) Online Facility Schedules (click here) - Anything in grey is available, red is unavailable; the calendar is in your top left.


(2) Call In 443.755.0014


(3) Email


Rentals of all kinds are welcome! Soccer Dome has premier indoor turf fields with no walls but they are completely netted in for your convenience and spectator safety. No rain-outs at the Soccer Dome.

Birthday Party Package


Schedule your next party at the Soccer Dome where the weather is not a factor. Our facilities offer a playful setting with easy access to the snack bar/sports shop, bathrooms, and bleachers.

A television near the table section and music will contribute to making the Soccer Dome the ideal location for your next party. Take advantage of hosting your party in the perfect enviornment for your friends and family!

Here is what you get for $249:


Choose any field, subject to availability, and any field sport (for soccer - A coach will organize activities for the first hour; other sports - No coach provided - $30 discount).


The second hour you will have reserved table space.

We bring out:

-(6) 10" pizzas (typically enough for about 18 children)

-Cups, plates, napkins, utensils

-All guests may help themselves to the cold beverage machine (filled with kool-aid or lemonade)

-T-shirt for the birthday child

*Just bring a cake, candles, and matches. You are welcome to bring additional snacks, decorations etc.

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