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SDFC Youth Club Teams

Mission   Statement:

SDFC is committed to providing top level coaching while maintaining a competitive low cost. Quality coaching ensures that players develop skill and proper soccer techniques. Trainings serve to develop character, confidence, leadership, body coordination, and responsibility off of the field, providing enthusiasm for a continued healthy, active lifestyle. 


Our goal is to provide all players with age-specific training and competition. USSF directed initiatives focus on key training aspects during these developmental stages. SDFC will adapt the Dutch philosophies and seek appropriate affiliation. SDFC is committed to transpiring the quality, confidence and high self esteem of the coaches to the players.


While we insist that each and every player strives to win games and activities in training, winning is not the primary objective of the SDFC program. Our philosophy is that players win games and coaches lose games, however, everyone is held accountable for their decisions and actions and should take responsibility on the field just as they must off of the field.


Our primary objective is to develop soccer players and unite players to become a strong team so that they are set up for success. In order to achieve this objective, the SDFC coaches must challenge the players constantly so that they understand the meaning of hard work and accomplishing goals. SDFC coaches understand to let the game be the teacher, which allows players to make mistakes. Without mistakes, development is impossible. Players will be forgiven for those mistakes, and most importantly learn from them just as you must in life.


SDFC will raise the level of learning and competition by offering 1v1 opportunities for advanced players to further develop their skills. SDFC coaches are constantly developing and striving to improve their character so that traits may be influenced onto the youth players. SDFC staff represents the club program and governing body, Soccer Dome, with dignity, prestige and good sportsmanship.

Please CONTACT OMAR Abukar & CJ Everett with any questions:


1. PHONE - 443.755.0014 (M-F 10am-6pm)


2. EMAIL - / 


Contact to inquire about our next try-out or schedule an evaluation to be appropriately placed in the program.

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