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Specific rules for the premier field

Throw ins enforced when out of bounds (side lines).

Throwing the ball straight into the goal from a throw-in is not a goal. A goal kick is awarded to the opposing team.



Specific rules for 5 v 5 field

Kick ins enforced when out of bounds (side lines).

Goalie is not allowed to throw past mid field. The other team will get the ball at mid field. No drop kicks or goal kicks allowed.

All kicks are indirect except for corner and penalty kicks (No penalty kicks are given to players U8 and under).

Specific rules for the Friday night Soccer Mom's League

*Our Friday night Soccer Mom's League has some special rules. Team captains should make these rules available to their players.


Age & Skill Guidelines: All players must be at least 24 years old. No exceptions should be requested, unless the player is almost 24 years old, is in fact a mom, AND is a beginning or intermediate level player.

No player who has played college soccer in the past five years is eligible to play in this league. Players who have skills that exceed the level of play intended for this league may be asked not to play in this league due to advanced skill level. These individuals are welcome to play in our various other leagues (Wed. SD1 Jessup Womens and/or Coed options).


3 Goal/Player Rule: This means no player can score more than 3 goals in a single game. A fourth goal will not count. A free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot that the goal was kicked, and the player who took the shot will be given a blue card.


Substitution Guidelines: Allowing substitutes is encouraged to avoid forfeiture. 


Substitutes should come from your current div (or lower). Upper division players may substitute for lower division teams as a last resort but MAY NOT shoot or score.


Substitutions do require notifying the opposing team and ref of the substitutes.


However, this depends on the number of players each team has at the beginning of a match. Teams should be allowed to have 7 players (at least one sub), provided the opposing team also has at least one sub.


Goalies are not considered as substitutes in this league and can play for any/all teams. 


Specific rules for the Restaurant League

In order to limit fouling in this league, the ref will keep count of fouls. The max amount of fouls each half per team is 5. A penalty kick will be awarded for each foul thereafter starting with the sixth, until the end of the half.

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