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COVID & Safe-Return-To-Play GUIDELINES


  • Everyone MUST wear face-coverings while in the facility.

  • Coaches, staff & players must wear face-coverings while on the sidelines.

  • Active players on the field are the only ones not required to wear face-coverings.


  • Only ONE parent/guardian should enter the building to watch over the youth player. Minimize spectators.

  • Maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE, 6ft.


  • Try to arrive on time (not too early) and depart on time to facilitate minimal congregation. Please depart within 5 minutes or so of ending your game/rental/clinic etc.

  • Players should not be on the field alone without coaches/managers supervision. 

  • Avoid physical contact with others. No high fives, huddles, or other close contact.

  • Label your water bottles and equipment and keep them in a designated area that you can return to.

  • Double check that you have all of your belongings with you before leaving; we’ve been advised not to store a lost and found.

HEALTH CHECK: Coaches, players, parents should do a self-symptom check before coming to the facility. If you have any symptoms of illness, you should not come into the facility.

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