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Rules & Regulations

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***It is the responsibilty of Team Officials to be familiar with all league rules***

Special Rules:

  • NO HEADING for players U11 & under 

    • Referee discretion: Drop-ball for unintentional​; Indirect-kick for intentional.  

  • PUNTING is allowed for all age groups

  • Multi-rostering players/splitting team:

    • Players may ​play up in age group but may not play down in age.

    • This rule applies whether you have 2 teams in the same division or different divisions:
      Each team must have a separate roster. However, you may share up to 4 players among the 2 teams. This must be noted on the roster at the start of the season and CANNOT be different players each week.

  • Players may be required to show proof of age or identity before or at any time during a game/season.

  • Delayed Card:  The referee may allow play to resume after a foul (advantage) with the intention of carding  a player after the play.  

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