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Winter Session 1: 2023-24

RESCHEDULES: Youth Leagues

*team requesting to reschedule is responsible for forfeiting should
the game not be made up


1.) Find an opening below that works for your team

a.) check your opponent's schedule
(to ensure the date & time you've chosen does not conflict with their schedule)

b.) Openings are first-come, first-serve.  This page is not updated in real-time, so the listed openings may not be 100% accurate.  Game times are subject to being reserved for SD programs at any time.

2.) Email

a.) to request to place a hold on the opening of your choice
b.) to set your current game to postponed

c.) to provide you with the opposing team's contact info 


3.) Once you receive a confirmation that the opening is being held, contact the opposing team.


4.) Email to change the online schedules.


*do not include SD in your dialogue with your opponent. 


As an effort to provide as many openings/options as possible, your original game date/time will be immediately added to the list below as soon as you present the email that your team cannot attend the original game time. This means you may will not be able to play at the original game date & time should you present conflict.

In the future, please provide us w/ schedule requests before the schedules are final and we will accommodate during the scheduling process. We apologize if we did not fully meet all of your requests and you're making an effort to reschedule for that reason. Schedule request should be noted on the online registration form for proper documenting. However, you may also email them at anytime before the schedules are final. We encourage all requests; we clarify the degree to which they can bet met. 

OPENINGS (winter 1)

*Field 1 & 2 (@SD1 Jessup)
*Field 4 & 5 (@SD2 Harmans)

*Try to use an opening from the location of your league games but you may use the opposite location if needed



Mon 1/15 8:00AM (Field #1) 

Mon 1/15 9:00AM (Field #1) 

Wed 1/17 5:00PM (Field #1)

Wed 1/17 6:00PM (Field #1) 

Fri 1/19 5:00PM (Field #1


Sat 12/9 3:15PM (Field #2) 


Fri 12/8 5:00PM (Field #4)


Sat 12/9 7:00AM (Field #5)

Sat 12/9 11:35AM (Field #5) 

Sat 1/6 7:00AM (Field #4) 

Sun 1/21 1:10PM (Field #4) 2007 A3 Chelsea


12/2/2023 3:15 PM 2014 Baltimore Celtic Green vs 2013 BSC Titans

12/9/2023 3:15 PM 2009 DMV Gaindes vs 2009 NLS Ajax JV

12/16/2023 11:35 AM 2010 Baltimore Celtic West Green vs 2010 JPYO Lady Vipers 

1/13/2024 7:55 AM 2009 NLS Ajax JV vs 2009 MD International

1/15/2024 8:00 AM 2016 Academia Int USA vs 2016 Academia Glen Burnie

1/15/2024 2:00 PM 2013 Academia Internación USA vs 2013 Academia Glen Burnie

1/28/2024 3:05 PM 2011 Elkridge United vs 2011 Academia Glen Burnie


12/2/2023 1:25PM 2013 ASA Lightning vs 2013 LFCIA White- Reed--> Sat 1/27 7:00AM (Field #5) 

12/2/2023 11:35AM 2015 Coppermine Blue vs 2014 ASA Shooting Stars -->Mon 1/15 3:00PM (Field #2)

12/9/2023 11:35 AM 2014 GSPAA Premier White vs 2014 CiTY Black-->Mon 1/15 9:00AM (Field #2)

12/2/2023 1:25PM 2011 Takoma Park Friends United vs 2011 Baltimore Bays Warriors-->Mon 1/15 10:00AM (Field #1

12/2/2023 8:50AM 2014 TP Dreamers vs 2014 SAC United Gold -->Mon 1/15 12:00PM (Field #1)

12/8/2023 5:00 PM Blue Jays vs 2007/08 A3 Chelsea --->Mon 1/15 11:00AM (Field #1)

1/21/2024 1:10 PM 2014 ASA Kickers vs 2014 A3 Newcastle-->Sat 1/6 3:15PM (Field #1) 

1/19/2024 5:00 PM Aviators FC vs LF United-->Fri 1/26 5:00PM (Field #4)

12/9/2023 12:30 PM 2016 Cheverly SC vs 2016 Baltimore Celtic Green-->Mon 1/15 2:00PM (Field #1) 

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