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Checking Availability:


1.) CHECK Online Facility Schedules:

Grey is available, Red is unavailable
Calendar (top left)
Login: USERNAME - sdscheduleview
PASSWORD - 123456





2.) Then Call or Email:
443.755.0014 (M-F 10am-5pm)



*Party package not available Dec. 1 - March 31. Field rentals only, call for details. 

Party package only offered for ages 4 and above.

Younger age groups must supply coach/organizer (a $40 discount will be applied). 

Equipment: (ages 6 and up) 
Soccer Dome provides all equipment. Pugg goals, scrimmage vests, agility/relay equipment, and 5-10 lender balls.


Equipment: (ages 4 & 5)

Host must request that each player bring their own ball, all other equipment provided.
Appropriate coaches selected for the younger 4-6 y/o age range but activities will not go as planned if each player does not have their own ball. Contact us ahead of time if you'd like to purchase soccer balls ($12/ball). Use a soccer ball instead of goodie bag :)

You may arrive 20 minutes prior to get set-up. Each party runs about 2 hours. 

At times you will only be given 1-2 tables to set up on and leave any belongings (belongings can also be kept inside the field area). Once you get into activity time, staff will work over more tables for seating.


-Parents are welcome to enter the field and find seating on the turf or benches/bleachers.

Host your next party in an ideal enviornment at a low cost! Music contributes to the playful setting and easy visibility to the fields, table area & restrooms for your convenience.
Premier Indoor Turf Fields
NO walls - Completely Netted

Birthday Party Package
$269 (w/ coach)

$229 (w/o coach)

*Party package not available Dec. 1 - March 31.
Field rentals only, call for details. 


Choose any field (subject to availability) - call to schedule a visit to our location(s) or check out the "Field Rentals" page for field specifications. 

A coach is included; he/she will organize activity for the first hour.  


Soccer is our specialty and most popularly chosen, however we are a multi-sport facility so you may choose any field sport.

Choose soccer and a coach will be provided. Choose any other field sport and you WILL NOT receive a coach but you will be provided with a $40 discount.



Reserved table space + inclusions below.

*(6) Medium pizzas (SD2-Dominos/SD1-Pizza Hut)
*cheese or pepperoni ONLY

*Plates, Napkins & Utensils

*Cups for cold beverage machine (lemonade & Koolade)

*T-shirt for the birthday child


NOT INCLUDED/SUGGESTED: water bottles, cake, candles & matches. You are welcome to bring additional snacks, decorations etc.

Age Guidelines & Restrictions

Soccer Dome staff ensures to schedule qualified coaches appropriate to the age of the players. Guidelines and restrictions below ensure the best possible experience. 


Ages:                   Field Type:         Maximum # of Guests:

Ages 4-6               Premier (large)              14 max

Ages 4-6               5v5 (small)                      12 max

Ages 6-above      Premier (large)               18 max

Ages 6-above      5v5 (small)                      12 max


Please check with our staff M-F 10am-5pm for requests outside of these guidelines. In the busy winter season we are strict with our guidelines. On occasion, switching up your date or time or paying an extra $30 for an additional coach.

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