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Are you searching for a team to play on?! Does your team need another player?! Post an ad now! 


Search our classified ads and see what's out there or post an ad and wait for them to contact you!


You remain completely anonymous; once someone contacts you, you are free to give out direct contact information. The ad will remain on the site until you remove it, so once you no longer need it you should remove it. You can view/remove ads that you have posted by clicking here.



SDI Jessup -  


SDII Harmans -



**It is effective to come in and talk with the teams. Choose a league you would like to join, come in, and stick around for one hour, enabling yourself to bump into about 8 teams (2 games per hour). Bring your soccer gear because you may find that they need an extra player for the night; you then have the opportunity to play with that team for the remainder of the session or the start of the new session.

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